crummy gift guide

stocking stuffers from heaven and hell

high vibration/low vibration gifts for everyone on your list.

ceramics by olivia gibb (@black_kandy)

delightful and functional art. absolutely love olivia’s vision. i have a ton of her pieces and each one feels like a cool pet.

cyanotype prints by praise fuller (@cvsreceipt)

perfect for the person in your life who loves good music. gorgeous blue prints by a lovely artist. regretfully missed out on the neil young prints she made a while ago and am anxiously awaiting another drop. cop while you have a chance.

art prints by mira (@greenrockyroad)

absolutely unbelievable pixel art by mira. every single image she makes feels like a dream i’ve had! gorgeous work. absolutely necessary for every home.

bailey hikawa phone case

gorgeous ergonomic and functional art for your phone. handmade in l.a.. if i had a newer phone i’d buy one for myself immediately. bailey also makes my favorite face masks, which can be found on her site as well.

bbymutha’s mutha magick apothecary

ritual accessories by one of my favorite artists, bbymutha. handmade in memphis. frank lucas smells like a wallet full of money. sells out often.

koss porta pro headphones

pretty stupid looking headphones that will illicit comments from coworkers and people on the bus. they sound amazing and are approved by both tom sachs and members of atlanta rock band abuse of power. standard colorway is black but i like them in this more expensive limited colorway, rhythm beige.

art made by incarcerated artists

one of my favorite ebay accounts full of amazing work made by incarcerated artists and admin-ed by incredible person 2froggiesleslie.

sales help fund leslie’s non-profit that supports and encourages art programs in prisons and helps distribute work by incarcerated artists.

mushroom grow kit + spore syringes

plus fun mushroom spore syringes for mycological ~research~ purposes :)

kits and supplies for exploring the mycelium realm and beyond. plenty of tutorials online but i like the hand drawn quick and dirty one in this free zine.

non-gmo organic sprouting kit

sprouts are good on everything and you can grow them in the dead of winter right in your fridge. my smart, kind, strong, and dietician-y friend anna clued me onto these sprouts and i believe anything she says. small-time operation run by some earnest, hardworking people.

my favorite purchase of 2020

simply life changing. this water filter attaches to your existing cold water line under the kitchen sink in like 20 minutes and gives you cold filtered water straight from the tap. stop filling up that miserable plastic pitcher once and for all. rental friendly. the actual filter is like $60 and lasts 3 years so… you do the math on that one.

bonus: filters out all the fluoride and any other brain control stuff the government feels like putting in your tap water ;^) water tastes stupid insane delicious and will make your coffee taste incredible.

community supported agriculture

you are what you eat. give your favorite person with a mouth the gift of fresh fruits and veggies. support a local farm at the same time. delicious.

sun potion adnandamide

not to go full goop here but — a scoop of this stuff stirred into warm oat milk with a spoonful of raw honey? unreal delicious. spicy. chocolatey. creamy. makes you sleep so well and wake up in a pleasant mood. exceptionally luxurious nighttime treat. extremely recommend.

bonus: i also take a scoop of each of these mushroom powders every day plus a scoop of collagen in a cup of black coffee. i truly feel like my brain is operating at its best. texturally awful (gritty). but good things rarely come easy :)
i’ve taken other mushroom supps for a long time but truly feel like these are the most potent i’ve found since they are made from the actual fruiting body, not just the mycelium.

vintage fetish magazines

gorgeous collection of vintage fetish magazines from japan, france, italy, and beyond. broad range of content to scratch your particular itch. perfect for the exploratory minded person looking to fill out their personal library.

featured products from 3 need-to-know publishers

DDM records

you’re probably looking at this catalog and wondering where to start since everything in it is good. i recommend random blind selection (close your eyes and poke) and buying whatever you land on. you’ll not be disappointed.

Shining Life Press

a literary approach to the dumbest genre of music on earth (hardcore music). lots of big words. weigh-in from lots of big minds. tons of fun to read and really pretty to look at. for the person who enjoys floorpunch but wears glasses and can name more than one book.

chunks hardcore fanzine covers the best of what was going on from 2010-2013. if you weren’t there, reading this anthology can get you pretty close. ffo: rampage, omegas, free spirit, waste management, inside out ny, enuf, big egos, machismo, cancelled language, shirtlessness, and general stupidity. the last era of ugly-person hardcore? maybe. get it for the 30+ person in your life or add it to your bathroom library.


refreshingly genre agnostic and consistently on point. both it’s own publication (demystification zines sell out quick) and a one-stop distro for what’s worth knowing about right now. like an egoless friend with better taste than you who loves to turn you on to cool shit. if this is the stuff they feel safe to share with the masses…imagine all the sacred stuff they keep to themselves…wow.

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